Congratulations on your decision to become as a phlebotomist! This website gives a brief overview about Phlebotomy and what kinds of Phlebotomy training and Phlebotomy certification you need to be successful in this career.

Phlebotomy is the process of drawing blood from a patient’s body for sampling or collection. This is usually done by a person who is specifically trained to draw blood, this person is called a phlebotomist. Phlebotomists are also referred to as phlebotomy technicians. Phlebotomists help to reduce the work of the doctors in hospitals; they draw blood as samples for testing and for collection.

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Click on the State to know about Phlebotomy Training Schools and Salaries in a Particular State

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Here is the list of Guides for becoming a phlebotomist by state wise. We will be constantly updating the list.

Lets start with the basics of phlebotomy.

Phlebotomist Training and Certification: Phlebotomists are usually certified to affirm their training. Phlebotomy jobs are now very competitive and therefore a phlebotomist would only be hired if he or she has a phlebotomy certification. One can become a certified phlebotomist by taking a phlebotomist exam and passing it. Upon completion of a phlebotomy certificate exam, the candidate is awarded a certificate, then the  phlebotomist needs to take a certification examination.

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A certified phlebotomist is more marketable than an ordinary phlebotomist because those hiring are looking for well qualified and competent candidates.Certification could also be offered by the online colleges that offer online phlebotomy courses . Online phlebotomy certification is offered by several agencies which are listed below:

  • American Medical Technologists (AMT)
  • American Society for Clinical Pathology’s Board of Certification (ASCP-BOC).