Importance of Phlebotomy Certification

Posted August 9th, 2011 in Phlebotomy Certification, phlebotomy requirements by admin
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To work and hold a job position in the medical field, you have to be certified. Certification is a trademark of your credibility and competency. That is the reason why a person is not allowed to perform phlebotomy without possessing a phlebotomy certification. If you want to be certified, you have to undergo series of tests and training. Certification is very important because it is a sign or proof of your recognition and accomplishment. Without certification, you have a lesser chance of getting a career in phlebotomy.

A certified phlebotomist is the person responsible in extracting blood from patients for medical analysis. There are some requirements that you need to complete in order to be certified. The question is how to get a phlebotomy certification and what are the requirements? The requirements are listed below:

  1. High school graduate and have a high school diploma
  2. A bachelor’s degree
  3. GED or equivalent
  4. Pass the criminal background check
  5. Have a complete health vaccination
  6. Physically fit and can stand a long working hours

You must be determined and serious in completing the training course because that is the only way to obtain a phlebotomy certification. Once you are already certified, you can have a high paying job and established career in the medical field.

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After complying with those requirements, these are the following steps and instructions that you need to consider in getting the phlebotomy certification:

  • You need to look for a certified school, college, university or institution that offers a phlebotomy course. Make sure to read their programs and the scope of the course in order to know if it suits your preference and your style of learning.
  • Now, You already have a chosen institution. Then what will you next is to submit all the requirements for verification and record keeping. You must take the entrance examination or national board exam in order for you to qualify for the training course.
  • You can start to attend the classroom training and you have to complete the course. Usually, the course will last for about 5 months or less, depending on the institution and estate where you are having the training. During the training, it is advisable for you to have an internship or hands on practice in order to experience the actual work. You will also have the advantage after obtaining the phlebotomy certification because you might have a sure job after your graduation.
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