How and Where to Find Volunteer Opportunities In Phlebotomy?

Posted March 10th, 2012 in Phlebotomy Jobs by admin
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If you are just out of the formal training and certification procedure of a phlebotomist and thinking about the next step to move ahead in the direction of getting employed, this post is for you. I am sure that you all must be thinking to get hands on the practical work of venipuncture. So, the easiest way to get some practical experience as a phlebotomist is to get engaged in some volunteer work which is always welcomed and appreciated.

I know that you all agree to my idea of working as an unpaid or volunteer phlebotomist but the problem is that where to find such great opportunities to kick your career up.

Below are some tips to find phlebotomy volunteer opportunities:

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Visit your local American Red Cross

You must have heard or may be even donated blood at American Red Cross while you were in high school. Now it’s time to find volunteer work in the same respect. So, what are you waiting for? Go to your local American Red Cross and find some volunteer phlebotomy opportunity to help out those folks and of course as well as you.

Check out these great websites:

  • VolunteerMatch
  • Network for Good

Look for your community healthcare facilities

Call or visit your local healthcare facilities to find out phlebotomist opportunities in doctor’s offices, outpatient clinics, assisted livings, nursing homes, mental health clinics etc. and ask if they need any phlebotomy help.

Ask the career counselor at your school

Do not forget to enquire about the volunteer or intern phlebotomy opportunities from the career counselor of your own school. He may also prove to be a great source of information for you in this situation.

Check out the local community college

Visit the career counselors of your local community college as these people always have current information about such opportunities.

Professional Contacts with Phlebotomists

Social media is playing a big role in hiring employees. Grow your network of friends in  your profession to know more opportunities from them. I suggest LinkedIN for this purpose. If you know a professional phlebotomist  then you can always ask that person about any available internship or volunteer phlebotomist opportunities that he/she know of. Such people always have first-hand information about the opportunities available in their own profession.

I bet you that the following tips are the only help that you would ever need to find volunteer or intern phlebotomy opportunities. So, follow the simple tips and reach to your destination now!


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