Career Benefits for Phlebotomists

Posted September 1st, 2013 in Phlebotomy by Michele
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The role of phlebotomy technicians is to draw blood samples from a patient to that is used in laboratories for different medical examinations. Phlebotomists have the knowledge of the many different examinations done on the blood specimen. He must be in a position to identify any type of prescription or diet that can hamper with this examination. This discipline comes with its benefits as outlined below.

Job Opportunities

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The major pro is that there are plenty of jobs available worldwide as their many hospitals and clinics all over. A certified phlebotomist can work in any country of their choice. One can work in research centers, clinical labs, nursing homes and even in insurance firms. Some nations have mutual agreements that allow one to work in certified capacity all over the world. The increased job demand has attracted many people in this field.

High Income

Phlebotomy’s salary depends on his experience, level of training and the potential boss. They make a decent income. According to a research carried out by the American Medical Technologists, phlebotomy technicians rewarded hourly. A phlebotomist working in a public hospital or in a clinic earns an average income of $12.50 per hour, those in a lab earns $ 13 per hour. On the other hand, those at the reference laboratory makes $ 20 per hour, this is per the Bureau of Labor Statistics.



Retirement and cover Benefits

All medical fields have their benefits to its staff and so does the phlebotomy discipline have. Many medical care centers will offer its staff s cafeteria discounts, free and secured parking, free recreation facilities and welfare services like contributions in case of sickness or death and counseling in the case of depression and any job-related problems. A good example of such healthcare is the Valley Green Hospital found in Monroe; it offers its staff with insurance covers such as dental insurance, medical insurance, and people with disability insurance cover, life insurance and pension policy. Phlebotomists enjoy all this services too.

Career fulfillment

For any individual who likes assisting people and taking up new challenges may end up in phlebotomy job. This job involves interaction with different persons from different backgrounds. Phlebotomists interacts with patients during blood drawing, the phlebotomy must make sure the patient is relaxed. A phlebotomy technician can also take the pleasure as their work plays a vital role in diagnosing a patient and treating them.




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