3 Considerations a Phlebotomist Should Make

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Phlebotomy can be defined as a medical exercise that entails the removal of blood via the veins. The blood is later used for purposes of medical analysis and examination. A person who performs the process of phlebotomy is known as phlebotomists. They can also be referred to as phlebotomy specialists. A phlebotomy expert has to take into account some important factors and be cautious in performing the process with exactness and accuracy.

A phlebotomist has to put in mind some considerations regarding the performance of blood extraction. Below are some of the crucial elements of phlebotomy that a phlebotomy specialist has to bear in mind.


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The procedure

Phlebotomist is supposed to ensure that the procedure of removing blood from the body is done with precision and exactness. The extent of phlebotomist accuracy is what counts in this phlebotomy profession. Since venipunture entails pricking of veins, the phlebotomists has to make sure that he or she can clearly see the veins so as not to injure them. Proper preservation, maintenance and storage should be observed by the phlebotomist. It’s the duty of a phlebotomist to ensure that the blood samples are kept in the form that they were taken. The temperatures too should be kept constant. Blood samples should be labelled clearly using the names of the patients so that confusion can be avoided in the procedure. Mixing of patients’ blood can be a huge mistake to make since the wrong results are got and this can translate to wrong medication.

Apart from removing blood, phlebotomists will be required to carry out other responsibilities related to the laboratory, record information concerning the patient as well as arranging the blood samples.

The patients

A phlebotomist is supposed to give chief concern to the sick person, Patients comfort should be ensured during the whole procedure. Some Patients may be troubled and terrified at the sight of blood. Some are anxious and fear needles and vein piercing. Therefore, the phlebotomist has the duty to ease the tension and calm the patients through counseling before removing blood from them. The blood veins of the patient are not supposed to be wounded during puncturing.


The apparatus

The phlebotomy tools and equipment are kept under the care of the phlebotomists. He or she must assure that the apparatus are sterilized before carrying out the phlebotomy process. Sterilization ensures that the equipment to be used is germ free and does not spread any infections from one patient to another. It’s important that every time the phlebotomist deals with a new patient he has a brand new package of syringes.

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