Advantages of Taking Phlebotomy Training in a Formal Classroom

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A phlebotomy technician has other duties rather than just drawing blood from patient. He prepares and disinfects the site for puncturing, goes through the patient past medical history, sets the specimens for laboratory examination and he works closely with other medical professionals like doctors, nurses, lab technicians and dentists. Therefore, anyone interested in taking phlebotomy career must go through a course that encompasses all this things.

Luckily, in the programs of training phlebotomy technicians, their multiple options, ranging from online classes to university and colleges. Sorting through all this options becomes very difficult for the potential student to choose the best school. Thus, it is advised that one should carry out a research to gather information about the advantages and short comes of each school in order to make the right decision. Outlined below are reasons why it is important to obtain phlebotomy classes in a formal class.

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Practical learning

For one to be eligible to take the phlebotomist qualification exams, he must have taken practical practices of whatever is learning. In a classroom, the student is able to meet the set hours of practicing phlebotomy without any straining as all the required equipments are available. A student training online has to look for centers to carry out the practical or even internships that are very strenuous and inflexible.




Learners Cooperation and Participation

When you attend a classroom that has other like-minded students you tend to interact more and freely than when you are learning online with every student situated in his or her location alone. Phlebotomy students in a formal class are able to exchange ideas and insights this gives one a broader understanding of a topic. The students are also able to form discussion groups making it easy for them to expound an idea.

Tutor Guidance

Seeing and listening to an instructor creates learning atmosphere. The teacher answer questions, give instructions on practical and give summarized notes on time.

Immediate response

In case a student does not understand something or needs immediate help during an experiment, he can get assistance right away as the instructor is there. This is not the case when the student is taking online classes, he has to send the tutor an email and wait for the reply if he needs any help.


It takes a lot of discipline for a student to fix his online classes into his busy schedule. Unlike in formal class where one has to attend the set classes.



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