ASCP Phlebotomy Certification: Step by Step Guide

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The ASCP or the American Society for Clinical Pathology is a society that was formed for Clinical Pathologists in the United States. They have a Board of Certification or BOC which handles the certification of individuals who would like to practice Clinical Pathology.

Certification by the ASCP Board of Certification or BOC is considered as an industry standard if not a requirement for all laboratory professionals.Having a ASCP certification in Phlebotomy can open better opportunities and possibilities for you, as well as bigger paychecks.

How to get an ASCP certification in Phlebotomy:

  1. You must have an application fee of $125 to cover the certification expenses for the phlebotomy certification of ASCP.
  2. You must be a High School graduate (or another equivalent) and complete an approved Phlebotomy program or course.
  3. Gather all your documentation and different requirements. You would need to have all your papers with you and up to date. You would need to provide any proof or documentation regarding your education and training.
  4. You can apply for the ASCP phlebotomy certification exam at  http://www.ascp.org/services/SelectCertification.aspx.
  5. Pay for the Exam. If you will be paying through Credit Card you would need to apply online. If you will not be paying via Credit Card you can mail your money order with the application form.
  6. Schedule your ASCP phlebotomy certification exam. You will be receiving a letter from ASCP BOC was your application has been approved. Once receiving the letter, you should schedule your certification exam at a Pearson Professional Center. You can visit their site to see which location will be convenient for you.
  7. Once you have scheduled your examination you would need to study and prepare for exam.
  8. Take the ASCP phlebotomy certification exam.You will know whether you passed or failed immediately after the exam.
  9. Wait for the results.You will get the exact score within 10 business days after the exam
  10. Once you have passed the examination you should receive your certification four to six weeks after your examination date.

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Important Points to remember for ASCP Phlebotomy Certification :

  • Take note that your application to become a certified Phlebotomist may be revoked, once proven that any information that you have submitted during your application is false.
  • Your Phlebotomy certification from ASCP BOC is valid for three years.
  • You will also receive pamphlets/a packet of information regarding your CMP or your Certification Maintenance Program which should educate you on the different requirements in order to maintain your ASCP phlebotomy certification.
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