Important Things you need to know before becoming a Phlebotomist

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Phlebotomists are professionals in the healthcare field who are tasked to draw blood from clients in the clinics, hospitals, and many other institutions. Doctors may utilize these blood samples for donation, transfusions, research, and diagnostic testing. While nurses have also been trained to extract blood, most of the medical institutions find it more convenient to employ other personnel who are trained in the specifics of phlebotomy.

A lot of individuals want to become a phlebotomist while they are also working in getting a degree to being a doctor or a nurse. Different from these professions, people do not need to have a degree in order to fully become a phlebotomist. However, you will need to be equipped with a diploma and a few months at a phlebotomy training course for preparation.

Hazards of being exposed to diseases: As a trained and skilled phlebotomist, you are going to be exposed to blood for your career. Undoubtedly, a few patients are infected with some blood-borne infections, just like HIV. On an everyday basis, a phlebotomist has a chance of catching any on the several blood-borne diseases.

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Regardless of the numerous precautions that law requires all phlebotomists to practice, a tiny mistake in handling your work could already mean that you may end up contracting infectious diseases that may even not have a cure.

Exposure to extreme procedures: It is required by law that all phlebotomists must exercise extreme procedures in order to prevent the spread of various blood-borne diseases. It is a phlebotomist’s job to guarantee that every instrument used for collection and the environment is sanitary. Phlebotomists are also tasked to make sure that all instruments are first hand and sterilized appropriately. Not only are phlebotomists entailed to protect the lives of their patients, but also themselves.

Individuals who want to become a phlebotomist or those who already are must adhere to every detail of a certain procedure so that they can properly prepare patients before the extraction of blood, properly extract blood, deliver the samples safely, process them correctly, and care for the client after blood has been drawn.

High school readiness: Similar to almost any career, preparation to become a phlebotomist starts by enrolling for the right classes during high school. During this time, one should already focus on taking all math classes up to computer classes, physics, chemistry, physical education, English, and all the classes that may be related to the medical and health field.


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