Blood Collection Regular Venipuncture and Samples Handling

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Illustrate and carry out the venipuncture process that includes:

  • Appropriate patient identification measures
  • Appropriate tools choice and application
  • Correct labeling measures and achievement of laboratory demands
  • Order of draw for various tube phlebotomy
  • Ideal venous access position and factor to regard when selecting a venipuncture site and the capability to distinguish between a tendon, vein and artery feel
  • Patient concern after conclusion of venipuncture
  • Protection and contamination control measures
  • Quality guarantee issues

Recognize the preservative, preservative purpose, degree and samples considerations to be used in the various color-coded tubes.

List down the areas to be shun when carrying out venipuncture and explanations for the set limitations

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Review the problems, likely to be met in vein accessing, including the process to pursue when a sample is not found.

Highlight several consequences of venipuncture exercise and posture upon the lab standards.


Venipuncture Process

This procedure requires both knowledge and experience for its performance. For a successful specimen collection process, the following essential steps are necessary:

Recognize the patient.

Review the physical nature of the patient this includes his diet, basal state and exercise.

Go through past medical records of the patient.

Select the appropriate spot for venipuncture.

Prepare the tools, patient and the site

Carry out venipuncture

Put together the specimen in the right container

Take note on any complications that may arise after venipuncture process

Identify the need for specimen recollection

Label all the tubes with the samples correctively

Send the samples and the requisition form to the laboratory on time for samples examinations




Requisition /Order Form

An order form must go together with any sample set to the laboratory. The form must contain the right information about a sample collected. Outlined below are the essential elements of this form:

Patient’s complete name: surname followed by his first name and then his middle name

Identification card number of a patient

The sex and the date of birth of a patient

Attending physician’s full name

Sample source

The date and the exact time of specimen collection

Phlebotomist’s initials

Specify the examination(s) requested


Specimen Labeling

A correctly labeled specimen is necessary for them to match with the patient. The vital fundamentals in labeling are:

Full patient’s name

ID number of the patient

Date and time of specimen collection

Phlebotomist’s initials

NOTE: patient’s name and his ID number must match those in requisition form.





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