Acquiring a certification in phlebotomy

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Phlebotomy is a field in healthcare that involves the extraction of blood from clients along with other procedures in the laboratory. These blood samples need a lot of caution and care so phlebotomists must be knowledgeable in dealing with patient properly and taking care of the equipments in the appropriate way. The right storage of blood is also something that phlebotomists should be mindful of.

The phlebotomy exams are there to prove that the student already has ample knowledge on the field of phlebotomy and that he or she has the capacity to handle various laboratory procedures without encountering some problems. In order for a person to attain a certification in phlebotomy, the exam must be passed.

How does one become a licensed phlebotomist?

In order to be a full time phlebotomist, one must be equipped with a certification in phlebotomy approved by the American Society of Clinical Pathologists or other affiliations. The ASCP is the ultimate licensing body in the field of phlebotomy.

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One must have a certification in phlebotomy from a reputable institution to be a phlebotomist. There are some people who land with a phlebotomy job even without some formal education just because their practical experience is what made them get a certificate. However, it is of utmost importance to study and train formally so that you are guaranteed that the procedures you are practicing are correct and in accordance to law. Study guides will aid an individual in preparation for the certification exam for phlebotomists.


What happens after the exam has been passed?

After passing the certification examination, one must pursue his or her career and continue taking up education units annually because this will be the basis in the renewal of license. This is vital as it helps in maintaining the base of knowledge one has already acquired. Continuing education is crucial because there are some advanced technologies introduced and as a phlebotomist, one must be aware of the functions and the duties that come with performing or using such modern advancements.

Phlebotomy, similar to other careers in the medical filled is brimming with opportunities. It offers a person with various areas in which he or she can opt to specialize in. Some of these are donor phlebotomy technicians, medical laboratory technicians, and even a histotechnician. These areas are important so that blood work may be processed smoothly and an appropriate diagnosis may be arrived at. Individuals who have not received their certification in phlebotomy may be incompetent and they may have the tendency to complicate some issues. Thus, training and education are essential.

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