Disadvantages of Being a Phlebotomist

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Phlebotomist who works in physician’s workplace earns an average of $ 23 per hour; this is according to American Society for Clinical Pathology. This income is low when compared to other medical professionals who spend the same period of training as the phlebotomy technician. The phlebotomists have a lower esteem in the medical field compared to doctors and pharmacist.

Phlebotomist technicians are exposed to perilous waste. The biggest challenge in this discipline is that the personnel are always exposed to hazardous materials. Reagents, specimens and solutions used in the lab at times produce poisonous; this is as per the research the United Stated Bureau of Labor Statistic carried out. Phlebotomists can make a mistake when drawing blood or disposing used needles and nick or cut his or herself. This increases their chances of contracting infections such as HIV/AIDs or even syphilis.

In the field of phlebotomy, there is no room for errors. Errors like mixing different specimens accidentally can lead to a very high impact. Labeling samples incorrectly can lead to mixing blood of patients with different illnesses, which in return can lead to infecting a patient with terminal illness like HIV. Use of tools that are not sterilized can lead to infections of both the staffs and patients. When transporting laboratories specimens, the samples should be stored in such a way they cannot mix even after an accident occurs.

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There is long working hours in phlebotomy field. Phlebotomists spends many hours in removing blood samples from patients which includes testing the patient’s blood level, going through their past medical records and counseling them on how to take care of themselves. They are also involved in submitting and transporting blood specimens to laboratories for examinations. Phlebotomy technicians carry out the lab work by they test the specimen under different conditions. After the tests are done, they communicate the findings to doctors and other medical personnel. All this duties can lead to back pain and joint aches.

Any phlebotomy technician must have good communication skills and a good attitude towards his or her job and his patients. This is necessary to make the patient feel comfortable and less anxious for the blood to be drawn well. If a patient is not comfortable with the phlebotomist who is serving him, he will ask for another and this will result to downbeat performance assessment of the denied phlebotomist.

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