Guiding Principles Towards Phlebotomy

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Phlebotomy involves piercing of veins so as to remove blood from patients for the purpose of carrying out different kinds of tests. This procedure is also called venipuncture because it entails puncturing of blood veins to remove blood. Phlebotomy is a proper medical practice as that of doctors. Phlebotomists are in great demand in medical facilities as well as pathological units where samples of blood are needed for testing.

A phlebotomist should put into consideration the following factors;

Phlebotomists should be exact and perfect in their career and this requires professional training. Phlebotomists must be aware of which vein to prick and remove blood without causing pain to the patient. This calls for the specialists to have tender hands when injecting to extract blood and make sure that the sick person is not injured.

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The patient is the prime concern of the technician. The phlebotomist is required to be both an expert and a psychologist. He or she should ensure that the patient is properly guided and not injured. Many patients are squeamish and are afraid of needles hence need guidance and to be made relaxed and calm before carrying out the process of blood extraction on them. This will ensure that the patients do not ruin their test.

The phlebotomists should also ensure that the tools and equipments used are germ free and well managed. He should also make sure that the patient does not build up allergic reactions towards the test.  The phlebotomist should make sure that there is good preservation, management and transfer of the samples of blood from one location to another. The blood samples should be labeled clearly using the name of the patient to avoid confusion and blood samples of different patients.

The phlebotomist should be ready to carry out other duties apart from extracting blood from the patients. He is sometimes needed to feed data concerning patients profile into the system. In addition to that, he sometimes has to perform administrative and laboratory work.



Proper interpersonal skills are a requirement a phlebotomist should meet. He or she needs to know how to intermingle with patients as they carry out the test. Phlebotomist needs to be persuasive enough so that he or she can convince the patients and get them calm and relaxed during the process.

In general, phlebotomist must have proper professional conduct with their workmates and the patients they interact with. All healthcare jobs especially phlebotomy requires great tidiness and sterilization of equipment.  This should be put in mind and put into actions by all phlebotomists.



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