Improving Phlebotomy

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This article explains the various advancements and improvements which are taking place in phlebotomy in the recent past. It also gives the challenges still being faced by the staff and the field as a whole.

Phlebotomy should be about improving the quality and bringing professionalism on board to the industry. It involves making customer satisfaction key because most patients are afraid of the exercise because it is associated with pain.

In this process of ensuring customer satisfaction various functions are considered and they include customer trust, dealing with customers who are dissatisfied and ensuring the customers are safe.

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Phlebotomists are taking measures towards improving their work and they include:

  • Reducing the waiting time the patients have to wait- in the recent past patients had to wait for an average of 22 minutes before they get their results but this has now been reduced to 5 minutes
  • Time wasted from when blood is drawn and the time it is taken for analysis- research has shown that a lot of time is wasted by phlebotomist. In order to save time changes have been made from the sitting arrangements of employees to ensure no time is wasted by unnecessary movements. Patients only require a quick and a safe method of drawing blood.
  • Saving on cost- labs are saving on cost by using more straight needles as opposed to butterfly needles. Both needles work in the same way only that butterfly needles are for patients whose veins are not easily accessible. Straight needles being cheaper have caused savings on cost.
  • Phlebotomists have also the blood taking process. Once the samples are taken early and analyzed the diseases are detected early in advance giving enough time for treatment and other procedures to be undertaken. This has been a noticeable change by both the patients and physician.

Even with improvement in the world of phlebotomy there are still challenges being faced by phlebotomist:

  • The tubes used for putting the blood samples should be the correct ones in order for the right tests to be taken and the correct labels are put on them.
  • The phlebotomist also ensure they do not hurt themselves with the needles or the patient and they apply just the right pressure
  • They have to deal with small children who are nervous and also elderly people whose veins cannot be traced easily.

Phlebotomy being a medicine field is faced with numerous challenges but improvements are being made to solve them through innovations and research.



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