National Association of Phlebotomists (NAP)

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Phlebotomy is a small field in the medical sector. Its members need protection and representation to air their demands and to address on any emerging issues. NAP is an activist and training group for all medical qualified staff practicing phlebotomy in America. It aims at supporting, empowering and training the professionals. The group addresses on any trend in phlebotomy discipline. It gives phlebotomy personnel a right to vital supplies and other specialized staffs who assist the phlebotomy in their duties.

National Association of Phlebotomists goal is to educate and certify American phlebotomists; it helps to solve the problem of career identification and representation of the phlebotomist in their discipline. NAP is not an authoritarian institute for phlebotomist in UK and it do not register phlebotomy education providers. Teaching providers supporting NAP culture and their teaching program is approved by NAP are given the right to use NAP symbol on marketing their items. This body is a non-employment organization; it is not responsible for helping phlebotomist search for jobs opportunities.

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Members Duties

  • NAP members must be in a position to get four newsletters each year.
  • Take part in innovative projects.
  • Attend all AGM meetings.
  • Undertake all the training in phlebotomy field.
  • Committed persons with interest in expanding phlebotomy practice.
  • Maintain supplier relationship.

The managerial committee gives time to the group and are looking for phlebotomy technicians with additional skills in administration and marketing ability. The committee also encourages anyone with info that concern phlebotomy to forward it to them. The information is then written in phlebotomy newsletters.

NAP Training

National Association of phlebotomists is a no profit-making firm it aims at training and improving the phlebotomy career so that in future it can reap the admiration and support it abundantly requires. It enthusiastically works with health unit on putting down measures for phlebotomy teaching. They are also taking part in plans that want to improve phlebotomy as a career, which involves developing and raising the phlebotomy practices.

To aid in the approaching execution of National Measures, this body offer different services that meets the National Working Measures. NAP offers:

  • Training on paediatric phlebotomy
  • Teaching the teacher
  • Teaching the already taught
  • Taking care of technical unease
  • Legal and occupational matters
  • Phlebotomy workshops
  • Consultancy and advice to phlebotomists

More about NAP can be obtained from their website.











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