Benefits of a Phlebotomist Certification

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As the costs for health care continue to escalate, doctors and nurses are often being overloaded with a lot of work. The hiring of more nurses in order to compensate for this void is an expensive answer, that is why the medical industry cam up with a new profession – the phlebotomist. A phlebotomist is exclusively assigned the task of drawing blood and labeling blood samples, thus relieving nurses and doctors of this extra work.

This kind of skill is normally acquired on the job. However, as advancements of healthcare came, phlebotomists transformed into valid and full time members of the staff in the hospital. For one to become a phlebotomist, you should be mindful of the all the aspects in venipuncture and have a phlebotomist certification.

What benefits can a Phlebotomist Certification bring?

In the USA, there are various requirements for every state in becoming a phlebotomist. The floor requirement is usually a high school diploma when it comes to education, and the attendance of at least six weeks in phlebotomist certification classes. Although not every state requires certification, being equipped with one will guarantee a person with a higher pay and employment in excellent hospitals and other medical institutions.

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Choosing the proper phlebotomy training

Some of the medical institutions that provide training in phlebotomy are:

  • American Medical Technologists
  • National Center for Competency Testing
  • National Health Career Association
  • American Credentialing Agency

In some states like California, a phlebotomist certification is a must in order for an individual to be permitted in phlebotomy practice.

Howe to get a Phlebotomist Certification?

An excellent way to acquire certification, especially for people who have full time jobs, is to enroll in online phlebotomy classes. These classes are only being held online and require the student to be using a computer only for a certain amount of time. An exercise like performing venipuncture on a dummy arm is normally held at an affiliated school or clinic. If you are intent in getting a certificate, it is essential that you are present during activities like this because it is the primary key for you to get a certification.

Becoming a phlebotomist is an excellent way for an individual to be a part of the medical industry without undergoing too much time in training. It is a rewarding and gratifying career as it pays well and allows you to be of help to other people.

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