How to Prepare for a Phlebotomist Exam?

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A phlebotomist is well defined as the medical professional who is expert in collecting the patient’s blood to undergo series of test and other laboratory analysis. To be a certified phlebotomist, you need to take the phlebotomist exam and before taking the certification examination, you need to be physically, emotionally and mentally prepared.

It is normal to feel nervous and a little bit uneasy if you are thinking about your forthcoming exam. That is why as early as possible, you need to do a lot of preparation for that big day. A few weeks before the examination, it is good to relax and unwind to be able ease the tension and anxiousness.

Feel the world, meditate and free your mind from the shadow of the exam. This will serve as your physical and emotional preparation. After this, you need to set your mind for your mental preparation. This is the most important preparation in taking the phlebotomist exam.

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Tips and Study habits to ace the Phlebotomist Examination

  • Avoid cramming – do not put all the study efforts the night before the exam. You need to have a regular study lesson and put that in your planner. You need to spare at least once or twice a week for your study session.
  • Organize and prepare all your materials – look for a comfortable place for your study session. It should be in a quiet place where you cannot be disturbed or destructed. You should gather your thoughts and your materials as well so everything will be at your reach.
  • Start from the basic lesson – it is much easier for you to understand the scope of the exam if you will study the basic lesson. This is one of the best preparations in taking the phlebotomist exam. Start from the basic definitions and familiarize yourself with all the medical terms used to understand the essential information.
  • Do multi tasking – while reading your lesson, try to write it in your own understanding to be able to retain the information in your mind. Remember that taking notes is the easiest way to know if you fully understand the lesson.
  • Take it easy – you need to take a break at least 15 minutes every hour to avoid being burnt out. This is also an essential part in preparing for a phlebotomist exam. Your brain needs to refresh in order to function well and to avoid information overload.

It is very important to have a positive mental attitude if you are thinking about the outcome of your phlebotomist exam. It is also very important to have a regular study session in order to be confident and obtain the phlebotomist certification.

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    Tips and Study habits to ace the Phlebotomist Examination there are Avoid cramming,Organize and prepare all your materials,Start from the basic lesson,Do multi tasking,Take it easy.

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