Uncovering the Phlebotomist Responsibilities

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Phlebotomist plays a very important role in a hospital. That’s why in some states, they are required to be certified to do the job efficiently and professionally.

What are the different phlebotomist responsibilities?

A certified phlebotomist is responsible in collecting and extracting blood from patients. You must be knowledgeable about the structure of human body, standard operating procedure and rules.  The following are the lists of responsibilities:

  • You should ensure the cleanliness of the materials to be used. Make sure that all of these are sterile and free of any foreign bodies
  • You should organize and prepare all the necessary supplies before you perform the procedure
  • You should be mentally, emotionally and physically prepared before the process to ensure the efficiency and safety of the procedure and to avoid any accidents as well
  • You should extract the blood sample in a timely manner. You should know the important policy for laboratory samples.
  • You should always put the date, time and name of the patient to label the sample.
  • You should keep a record of all the information
  • You should and must follow all safety standard procedure all the time
  • You should be organized to avoid confusion
  • You should keep your post clean and make sure that it has enough supplies.
  • One of the phlebotomist responsibilities is to do multi tasking like doing such things as collecting data, assist technologist, organizing and charging.
  • In addition to the phlebotomist responsibilities is to act as a quality assurance analyst to ensure the quality and safety of the specimens to avoid the impurity during the testing process.

The phlebotomist responsibilities are not simple.

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What are the Risks involved in Phlebotomist job?

The phlebotomists have an extreme risk in exposing themselves to contaminants and diseases that are carried by blood.  They have to be cautious in performing their duties for their safety, as well as the safety of the patients. Another one of the phlebotomy responsibilities is to transport blood samples from a certain place to the laboratory. There are also cases that a phlebotomist needs to administer blood specimen for additional analysis by assisting healthcare professionals.

It is very critical and you need to pay attention to every detail. But the good thing about it is that the phlebotomist has the luxury of working on a regular office working hours. Unlike other health care professionals which are working on a shifting schedule.

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    Phlebotomist plays a very important role in a hospital.

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