Phlebotomist salary

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Phlebotomy technicians are medical professionals whose core responsibilities are gathering blood specimens from patients. Phlebotomists must take caution when drawing and storing the fluids to avoid any contamination. There is an increase in demand for more phlebotomist as the health centers are growing in number. A phlebotomy technician can work in a hospital lab, private clinics, insurance industry, government agency, blood banks and in research centers.

A person interested to join this field must first learn what the discipline contains including the mean salary. Phlebotomist’s salary depends on ones experience, working center and level of education. The mean salary of a certified phlebotomist is $ 30,000 annually. Phlebotomy field also have part-time staffs that who are paid on hourly bases which is not less than $10, they also have other allowances like reduced cafeteria prices.

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A number of factors influence a phlebotomist salary, one being his experience. The longer a person has worked in an area the more skilled a person is and the more accurate one is. A phlebotomy technician who has worked in a place for one to three years will earn a salary ranging between $20,000 and $36,000 every twelve months. Those with five to ten years practice earns a real decent income that is between $36,000 and $40,000. Their phlebotomists who have been in the field for decades, their annual salary are more than $40,000.

Another factor is the phlebotomist employer. The employer may be the government, NGO and hospital management. NGO’s are the best paying employers; they pay their phlebotomy technician an average of $36,000 and $ 39,000 annually. Hospitals lead in the number of phlebotomists they hire. They pay an average salary of $29,000 per year. Those working in labs earn an average of $30,000 and those in clinical labs taking home a mean of $35,000.

Qualification is very important, as no employer is willing to hire someone who is not certified. One who passes well in phlebotomy exams is assured a better salary; passing includes excellent performance in phlebotomy practical.

Location of the working premises also influences ones income, before entering into any field it is always good to consider the firm’s location. There are a number of cities that are favorable for phlebotomists to work in they include San Francisco, Los Angeles, Newark, Chicago. The living standard in these places is very high even if the salary is high. Location is therefore another factor that influences income.



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