Important Phlebotomist Courses/Classes

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Phlebotomy is the act of extracting blood from the patients for medical purposes. There are many things to consider in taking blood samples.The phlebotomy classes will provide you with the essential techniques and procedures that you need in order to be a competent phlebotomist.

You must study these phlebotomist courses properly because these will provide you with the proper understanding about phlebotomy.

These will help you to perform the phlebotomist job properly and to be able to get a certification.

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Here are the lists of the Phlebotomy Classes/Course you may take when you while doing the phlebotomy training:

Medical Terminology

This is the science-based vocabulary for illustrating the human anatomy and its system which is commonly used in medical fields. This provides you with all the definitions of terms usually use in phlebotomy.

Phlebotomy Basics

Phlebotomy is the process of collecting blood from the patients for laboratory test and analysis. This is simple but sensitive procedure. You must be very careful not to hurt the patients and ensure the accuracy of the blood sample. You need to learn the basic of phlebotomist courses like comprehensive training, patient handling, and proper hand-washing techniques.

Human Anatomy and Physiology

In order to extract blood properly, you must know the different body parts and how its system work. This includes nervous, skeletal, respiratory and muscular system. You should have the full knowledge of the structure of the human body and blood components.

Blood and Cell Structure

You must understand the blood circulation. Learning on how infection and diseases affect the blood and cell components in order for you to analyze the blood sample.

Blood Sample Collection

This is one of the most important program coursework in phlebotomy classes/Courses because this is the job a phlebotomist will do all the time. You will be learning about the safety guidelines in collecting blood samples to avoid accidents and cross contamination of blood borne diseases. You should be well trained to do vein puncture in different types of patients. Different kinds of veins require different puncture techniques.

Safety Laboratory Measures

You will be learning about the proper administration and handling of the laboratory equipments in order to avoid accidents, contamination and physical injuries.

Clinical Phlebotomy

This is the final phase of the phlebotomy classes/Courses. You cannot take this coursework without satisfactory completing the other courses. You will be provided with actual trainings as you will take blood samples from real patients under proper supervisions. This teaches you the proper blood extraction and properly preparing it for transportation.

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    The goal of the phlebotomy program is not only to teach and guide the students on how to extract blood from the patients in hospital

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