Phlebotomy – Getting to the top of your medical career

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In layman’s language phlebotomy is the drawing of blood from the veins but in the real sense it is more than the drawing blood. Phlebotomy training programs assists you to take charge of emergencies and get the knowledge on laboratory procedures.

Proper study of phlebotomy equips you with the knowledge to hygienically collect blood without contamination for accurate giving of reports on the lab tests. Training in good schools and getting certification by the various bodies in the United States makes you perfect in your phlebotomy work and join in this reputable medical field.

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In a phlebotomy class you will learn:

Human circulatory system, urinary system, respiratory system and all these are combined into one unit we call the anatomy of the human body and physiology.

Blood cells and human cells, where you will learn the blood structure and the cells structure and how they are affected by microorganisms during infection process, the change in the cell structure in the presence of ailments and diseases.

Blood sample taking which is the core part of phlebotomy and you study taking of blood samples from children, elderly and adults all in a different manner and technique for absolute comfort.

Hygienic importance, safety and care in the lab- the need to maintain hygiene in the lab in learnt, prevention of contamination and cross infection in the lab, handling of equipments in the lab and cleaning the tools for accurate results. You will also learn how to prevent yourself from contamination and injury in case of accidents.

In phlebotomy, you deal with human lives so it is important to choose the best college to train for proper qualification. Human life is dependent on the lab results for various diagnoses so it is important that phlebotomist do their work accurately and put all their skills together for best results.

Phlebotomy is widely growing and employment opportunities are coming up day after day in hospitals, blood donation centers, research institutions and government laboratories. The health care industry is so far the best paying and the pay increases as experiences increases and advancement in education.

After completing the formal training, it is important to get certification from a reputable recognized body available in your state, which will suit your course. Certification involves taking an examination offered by the body giving you certification and you get it after successfully passing the examination.

Certification is a big step in your career because you will attract many employers who need certified phlebotomists and increase your pay.



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