Important things to consider before enrolling in a Phlebotomy Program

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The goal of the phlebotomy program is not only to teach and guide the students on how to extract blood from the patients in hospital and clinics but also to provide the best course, keep an affordable education cost, give a full support to the students to achieve their dreams and future goals and to provide different opportunities for the students to learn.

Whare the Main factors that you need to consider in choosing a good phlebotomy program?

Here are some of the factors:

  1. Education
  2. Financial assistance opportunities
  3. Job order placement
  4. Accredited school or institution
  5. Quality of the program
  6. Schedule of classes

The phlebotomy program can be achieved within the span of 4 months or less. The scope of the program includes the basic of blood extraction, blood components and theories. It also includes clinical and practical extraction methods.

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The educational requirements for you to be qualified in taking the phlebotomy program are very simple. You should be a high school graduate, have a high school diploma or GED, you should be computer literate and have a good interpersonal skills.

The coverage of the training program will teach you how to collect blood samples from the vein or the medical term vein puncture, from the skin or dermal puncture and from the arteries or arterial puncture.

Other programs may also include the following:

  • Medical terminologies
  • Human anatomy and human physiology
  • Blood extraction methods
  • Technology of blood extraction
  • Blood banks
  • Clinical and medical experience
  • Cardio pulmonary resuscitation

Duties and responsibilities of a phlebotomist are also included in the training program. You will learn how to properly operate the tools and equipments. You will also learn how to ensure your safety as well as the safety of your patient. You will be learning what the standard operating procedure inside the laboratory is. You need to adhere with the strict standard in wearing laboratory gown, sterile gloves, face mask and head caps. Most importantly, you will learn how to properly dispose the used materials and tools to avoid contamination, infection, transmission of blood-related diseases, accidents and laboratory hazards.

After the successful completion of the phlebotomy program, you have to prepare for the national certification examination. Make sure that you fully understand the course of the training in order for you to pass the exam. After passing the exam, you are now a certified phlebotomy technician and ready to enter the rewarding career of phlebotomy.

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