Phlebotomy- Selecting the Best Courses

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If you have a huge interest in the medical field but you are concerned about the long duration of study and costly fees phlebotomy might be just the right career for you keeping in mind that it takes only eight to twelve weeks and a maximum of two years for an associate degree.

In the recent time there are many phlebotomy courses and institutions of learning offering phlebotomy training and this can be quite confusing for someone interested in joining the career. You need guidelines before selecting the right course and institution to join because this will be the first step towards your career development. A well defined program can make you competitive among others in the field so it is important to go for the best.

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A normal training program takes between six to twenty four months and this may cost around $1000 or even $15000 for tuition fee. The cost of the program does not necessary indicate the quality that will be offered so you will need to look for finer details like the program description, reputation of the school you want to join and the quality of education provided there.

The course you are selecting needs to cover the vital area that will be used in your work as a phlebotomist and this will include topics like human anatomy, drawing of blood, vein locations and also laboratory administration work.

It is important for the curriculum you are planning to study to involve the students in learning the legal aspect of phlebotomy, drawing blood with least discomfort and environmentally friendly disposal of the sharp objects used in the phlebotomy procedures. A course which offers some aspect of administrative work should be considered before others because phlebotomists need to have knowledge in keeping the results of the patients’ diagnosis.

With the growing population joining the phlebotomy you need to be equipped with the right skills which will make you stand out from the rest of the population and also offer you a good salary compared to others in the field.

Getting a certification with the organization bodies is also important because most states require you to be certified before you get employed. You may choose from the various bodies available like the national phlebotomy certification, American society for clinical pathologists (ASCP) and American society for phlebotomy technicians (ASPT) the organization you choose will depend on your specialization in the field and the kind of interest you have.


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