Phlebotomy Steps

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Phlebotomy is the process of drawing blood from a person for laboratory examination. Phlebotomists and nurses remove blood to carry out different medical examination.

Outlined below are steps involved in drawing blood from patients.

Patient Examination:

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  • Examine any patient precautions. Go through the patient’s medical records and identify any condition.
  • Present yourself to your patient. Clarify to your patient about the phlebotomy process you are about to carry on them.
  • Clean and disinfect your hands. Wear sanitary gloves.
  • Examine the order of the patient. Confirm the request is stamped with the name of the patient, medical document number and birth date.
  • Bring together your supplies. Confirm that the blood cultures and blood tubes have not expired.
  • Choose the right needle. The needle selected will depend on the patient’s physical characteristics, age and the blood amount to be removed.
  • Find a vein.
  • Seat the patient. Give the patient a chair which have an armrest and have no wheels. A pillow must be placed under the arm of the patient in case he is lying down for support.
  • Make a decision or allow the patient to decide about which arm to draw blood. Fasten a tourniquet around the arm of the patient just above the venipuncture site.
  • Request the patient to make a fist. The patient should not be requested to force his fist.
  • Use the index finger to trace the patient’s veins. Valve the vein using your index finger to enhance expansion.
  • Sterilize the spot to be punctured using an alcohol cleaner. Disinfect the area in a circular motion and do not wipe the same place twice.
  • Let the sterilized spot dry for about 30 seconds. This assists the patient not to feel a string when the needle is put in.

Procedure for drawing Blood:

  • Make sure the needle is free from any defects.
  • Needle sheath will assist in cording the needle into its holder.
  • Valve any tubes with additives to remove the preservative from the tube.
  • Put in the tube for collecting blood into the holder.
  • Grab the arm of your patient and ensure it is pointing down so as to avoid reflux.
  • Array the needle near the vein.
  • Insert the needle.
  • Fill the tube
  • When blood stops flowing remove the tube from its holder.
  • Add additives and fill all tubes.
  • Request a patient to open his hand.
  • Take the needle out and apply mild force to stop bleeding.



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