Phlebotomy Technician Program Information

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Phlebotomy program takes a total of 28 hours and the lessons are broken out into 4-hour sittings taking place over seven successive weeks, it offers original education for phlebotomist and other healthcare preparing for phlebotomy practice. The course has being modified to adult style of learning for better understanding of key ideas. Interactive lectures, slides, team discussion, presentations and practical laboratory experiments are methods used in phlebotomy classes. On completion, one receives a certificate from American Red Cross Metro New York, which certifies a candidate to take the National Health career Association (NHA) Certified Phlebotomy Technician (CPT) examination. After which one can practice phlebotomy.

Course Requirement

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GED or High School

Core Standard for the Performance

  • One should be able to communicate in a comprehensive manner with the trainer, fellow students and patients verbally or in writing.
  • A person must be in a position to interrelate with different people with different cultures, emotions and intellectual conditions.
  • Interested person must have a critical ability to think sufficiently for medical judgment.
  • He/she must have enough physical ability to plan in patient rooms.
  • The individual must have the knowhow of using venipuncture tools and positioning the patients.
  • The person should be able to observe and exam a patient.
  • He must be in a position to assess physically their patients.

All the core performance measures is examined practically by measuring performance against the set national standard in practical tests.

Unit Completion Requisite

  • Attending punctually all the scheduled classes.
  • Active contribution in class and in laboratories,
  • Achieve 70 percent or above as a man in end-course exam.
  • Pass well on final practical exam.
  • Pass well on final cognitive exam.

The Americans with Disabilities Act and Performance Measures.

Phlebotomy is a discipline with affective, sensory, cognitive and psychomotor measures. For the sake of its conformity with the 1990 Americans with Disability Act, a certified person with any form of any disability is one who, with or without sensible adjustment, confirms to the necessary entitled conditions for taking part in the phlebotomy program. If a person thinks, he cannot meet the set requirements without changes the American Red Cross Metro New York personnel’s will determine whether the changes encountered on the individual’s basis. Those that cannot meet the course requirements without practical changes can qualify to review the whole program without getting any certification.

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