Phlebotomy Training in Albany, NY

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Are you thinking about getting into the phlebotomy profession and you are seeking phlebotomy training in Albany, NY? Becoming a phlebotomist is no easy job especially if you get sick when you see the sight of blood. If that is the case becoming a phlebotomist is not the job for you. Communication and interpersonal skills is an asset when thinking of getting into this profession.

A phlebotomist is the person responsible for drawing blood from patients.Phlebotomists’ duties may vary slightly from job to job such as venipuncture, collection of blood samples, labeling of blood samples and sending samples to the laboratory. The information below will help you get started in your phlebotomy training in Albany, NY.

Phlebotomy schools in or near Albany, NY:

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Phlebotomy job vacancies in Albany, NY:

  • American Red Cross, Albany, NY
  • Albany Memorial Hospital, Troy NY
  • Albany Medical Center, Albany NY
  • Samaritan Hospital (Troy), Albany, NY

How to become a phlebotomist in Albany, NY?

Requirements may vary from institution to institution but the most recommended requirements to be accepted for phlebotomy training in Albany, NY are that you must have a high school diploma or an equivalent to it and be 18 years and older.
Training usually lasts about two to four months. This usually requires two sections- theoretical and practical skills training. Depending on the institution your hours for each section may vary and you must complete a certain number of independent venipunctures successfully. The course outline:

  • Blood collection
  • Patient interaction
  • Human anatomy
  • Legal aspects of phlebotomy
  • Medical

Phlebotomy Certification in Albany, NY

After successfully completing the training you will be required to sit and pass a certification examination Due to the increasing demand for phlebotomists it is of great importance that doctors hire persons who are qualified to do the job. Persons who are qualified have a greater chance at becoming employed than those with no experience.

Certification organizations are:

  • American Society of Clinical Pathologists (ASCP)
  • American Medical Technologists (ATM)
  • American Association of Medical Personnel (AAMP)
  • National Credentialing Agency (NCA)
  • National Phlebotomy Association (NPA)
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