Phlebotomy Training In Iowa

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Phlebotomy is quickly becoming a hot profession lately. Many people try to get into the profession because of the high salary given a light workload. So if you’re interested in getting Phlebotomy training in Iowa, read on!

This post aims to make you aware about Phlebotomy training, the rewards of the Phlebotomy profession, important requirements, and becoming a certified phlebotomist in Iowa.

Where can you get Certified Phlebotomy Training in Iowa?

Phlebotomy Schools In Iowa:


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  • Des Moines Area Community College
  • Iowa Western Community College
  • University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics
  • Kaplan University

What is the Average Pay of a Phlebotomist in Iowa? Where can One Find Hot Phlebotomy Jobs in Iowa?

The Average Salary of a Phlebotomist in Iowa

The annual salary of a phlebotomist in Iowa is $27,000 on average. It is 4% lower than the average salaries for other states but it is still already very high. A phlebotomist in Iowa doesn’t deal with the heavy workload of a doctor or a nurse and earning $27,000 a year is very promising.

You may find employers that offer more or less than the average salary for phlebotomists. The rewards don’t stop here, of course. If you are a high quality worker, your employer might just reward you even more!

Why is Undergoing Phlebotomy Training in Iowa Important?

Training requires a lot of time, effort, and money. However, that’s nothing compared to the rewards you will get later on. No sane employer would hire anyone who has not undergone training.

Completing your training would tell your boss two things: 1) you’re determined to become a phlebotomist; and 2) you’re qualified to be a phlebotomist. So study and work hard, be patient, complete your Phlebotomy training in Iowa, and enjoy the perks of being a phlebotomist.

Where to Find Hot Jobs in Iowa

Iowa’s top 5 cities for Phlebotomy jobs and their corresponding companies:

  • Des Moines, IA – Iowa Health, Catholic Health Initiatives, Kronos Optimal Health Company, Grifols, Inc.
  • Council Bluffs, IA – Grifols, Inc., Octapharma Plasma.
  • De Witt, IA – Genesis Health System.
  • Waterloo, IA – Allen Memorial Hospital.
  • Cedar Rapids, IA – H.C.G.

How to become a Phlebotomist in Iowa?

Requirements to enroll in a Phlebotomy Training Program:

  • High school diploma or GED.
  • Transcript.
  • Must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Criminal background check.
  • Money for tuition payment.
  • Application form.

What your Phlebotomy Training will consist of:

Training is usually divided into two parts. The first part is classroom and lab instruction and the second part is clinical hands-on activity. Some schools also offer a third part which serves as a review for the Phlebotomy certification examination.

Both lectures and hands-on activities aim to increase your knowledge in the following areas:

  • Phlebotomy procedures.
  • Special procedures.
  • Customer service.
  • Labelling.
  • Anatomy and Physiology.
  • Medical terminology.
  • Laboratory procedures.

Duration of your Phlebotomy Training in Iowa:

How long your training in Iowa will take will depend on your chosen Phlebotomy school. There are online Phlebotomy training courses that last for only a few days. There are schools that require spending more than 150 hours of training in order to receive a certificate of completion.

Getting a Phlebotomy Certification in Iowa:

For more details, refer to this previous post on getting a Phlebotomy certification.

In Iowa, it is not a requirement to get a certification in order to work. Once you have completed your Phlebotomy training, you may already apply for a job. However, getting a certification will greatly increase your chances of landing it.To get one, complete your Phlebotomy certification training then take and pass the Phlebotomy certification exam.

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