Phlebotomy Training In Los Angeles

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Now phlebotomy is becoming a popular subject for the fresh graduate who desire to build their career as a phlebotomist or for the nurses who often seek certification in phlebotomy to achieve their further degrees. If you are searching for important information about phlebotomy training in Los Angeles, then here you will get some related useful information that can help you to show your right path.

What is phlebotomy?

Phlebotomy is the process of making an incision in a vein. It is a surgical opening of a vein in order to withdraw blood or introduce a fluid, as part of the procedure of letting blood. Here I am talking about the main practice of a phlebotomist, who is professionally trained to draw blood. If you enjoy hands-on activities in real world environments more than dull classroom lectures, then phlebotomy can be the best profession for you.

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What is the job prospects of a phlebotomist?

When you become a phlebotomist you can work in safe environments with protective masks, gloves and goggles. You will wear a lab coats and spend a lot of time on your feet working various shifts. In this profession, it is not guaranteed that you will get holidays, nights and weekends off, but you will be compensated by paying handsome over-time.


The average phlebotomist makes $12 – $13 per hour according to the report of the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The state of California is one of the places where top salaries are offered for phlebotomists. Here you can earn approximately $13 to $17 per hour.

How can you become a phlebotomist in los angeles?

You can be a phlebotomist by obtaining a certificate through the American Society for Clinical Pathologists. But, to be a good phlebotomist you have to maintain some additional qualities; like:

  • Positive attitude.
  • Analytical judgment and calm under pressure.
  • Expertise in problem solving.
  • Paying close attention to detail.
  • Accepting responsibility.
  • Aptitude with computers and medical lingo.

Where you will get phlebotomy training in Los Angeles?

There are mainly two institutes where you can get phlebotomy training in Los Angeles. The important contact details are given below for your further consideration.

Best Phlebotomy Schools in Los Angeles:

LA Vocational Institute

It is a private school where you can get short-term phlebotomy training. This short term program trains students for drawing blood samples. Students may enroll full-time or part-time to complete their 115 hours of training. This school offers job placement assistance following graduation. You can get more information in their website:

Central Nursing College

This college has been training nurses and health care staff since 1985. This is a remarkable center where you can obtain quality phlebotomy training in Los Angles. It also teaches its student about emergency medical care, taking vital signs, and nutrition.

So, get phlebotomy training in Los Angeles and be a proud member of phlebotomist community that may help you to ensure your prestigious future career life.

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