Phlebotomy Training In Missouri

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Looking for phlebotomy training in Missouri? This post has information you need on  phlebotomy certification in Missouri,phlebotomy training in MO, salaries and jobs for phlebotomy in MO. So, if you are interested in reading about your potential career as a phlebotomist continue reading!

Why do you need Phlebotomy Training in Missouri? If you are looking for a phlebotomist job in Missouri you need to have a phlebotomist certificate. Healthcare workers and doctors are looking to employ professionals with the proper background in phlebotomy. In order to gain experience through training, you will need a certificate.

Where can you find Certified Phlebotomy Training in Missouri?

Phlebotomy Schools in Missouri:

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  • Sanford-Brown College – Fenton
  • Sanford-Brown College – Hazelwood
  • Vatterott College – Kansas City
  • Colorado Technical University – North Kansas City
  • Vatterott College – O’Fallon
  • Vatterott College- Springfield
  • Vatterott College – St. Ann
  • Missouri College – St. Louis
  • Sanford-Brown College- St. Peters
  • Vatterott College – Sunset Hills

You can learn more about phlebotomy schools in Missouri by contacting us. You can also contact us for more information about phlebotomy schools in cities such as Kansas City, Armstrong, Beverly Hills, California, Dearborn, Fairfax, and Gainesville. You can contact us for more information about phlebotomy schools in other states.


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What is the average salary of a Phlebotomist in MO? Where can you find good Jobs?

The average phlebotomist salary in Missouri is $25,000. The exact for each company will differ, meaning other companies may pay more for the same job. The average salary in Missouri is approximately 4% above the nationwide average.

Finding a Good Phlebotomy Career in Missouri:

Top 5 cities to find jobs in phlebotomy in Missouri:

  • St. Louis, MO – St. Anthony’s Medical Center, LabCorp, St. Mary’s Health Center, Gamma Healthcare
  • Kansas City, MO – Boyce & Bynum Pathology Laboratories, Kronos Optimal Health Company, Laboratory Corporation of America
  • Bolivar, MO - Kelly Healthcare Resources, RCE, Aerotek Scientific, Adecco
  • Independence, MO - Centerpoint Medical Center, HCA Midwest Health System, HCA, Genoa Healthcare
  • Festus, MO - LabCorp, St. Anthony’s Medical Center, Liberty Hospital, North Kansas City Hospital

More information on How to become a Phlebotomist in Missouri

Phlebotomy certificate training will require you to be hands on for half of your classes, while allowing you to study from textbooks for the other half. Both parts of the certification process allow you to gain the necessary experience for a career in as a phlebotomist.

In order to be accepted into a Phlebotomy Training program in Missoury you will need:

  • Tuition money
  • HIgh school diploma or equivalent
  • GED or equivalent

How much time is required for the phlebotomy training in missouri?

Training for phlebotomy will differ between schools. Some programs will take weeks, while others will take months. This will not make a difference for how qualified you are for your career. Any certificate training you take will prepare you for the job you want to pursue in phlebotomy.

Achieving Phlebotomy Certification in Missouri.

If you have any questions about phlebotomy certification, click here. When you apply for a phlebotomy job, having a phlebotomy certificate will put you ahead of those who apply with no experience. Doctors are looking for professional phlebotomist, people who they can trust with their patients.

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