Phlebotomy Training in New Hampshire

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If you want to become a phlebotomist in New Hampshire, then you are reading the right article. This article will give you the information on programs, schools, certification, jobs, and salaries of phlebotomy in New Hampshire.There are different programs form different schools you can choose from.

The programs being offered may last for four weeks to two years. The lessons you will learn in these programs are the differences in drawing blood, the kinds of blood drawing places, the legal right of the patients, the safe practices and many more.

Phlebotomy Schools in New Hampshire

The schools in New Hampshire that offers phlebotomy programs will give you the knowledge and skills to help the doctor analyze and test the blood form the patient to properly diagnose the patient. In these schools, you will learn theories in the classroom and experience hands-on training to develop your skills as a phlebotomist. In these hands-on trainings, you will learn how to collect blood, handle samples, laboratory testing and other procedures involved in phlebotomy.

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  • White Mountains Community College – 2020 Riverside Road, Berlin, New Hampshire 03570
  • Manchester Community College – 1066 Front St, Manchester, New Hampshire 03102-8518
  • River Valley Community College – One College Drive, Claremont, New Hampshire 03743-9707

If you want to learn more about the schools in New Hampshire, Berlin, Manchester, Claremont, and other cities that offer phlebotomy programs, can contact us.

Phlebotomy Salary in New Hampshire

The salary as a phlebotomist in New Hampshire is very rewarding at $33,000 average, 4% higher than the rest of the states.

Phlebotomy Jobs in New Hampshire

After finishing a phlebotomy program in one of the institutions in New Hampshire, you can easily land a job as a phlebotomist in hospitals, blood banks, health clinics, and Doctor’s offices. The phlebotomy job market in New Hampshire is increasing. This opens up a lot of opportunities for aspiring phlebotomists in this state. The two major reasons for this increase in demand are the growing population and the advancements in the economy in this state.

  • Derry, NH – HCA Capital Division
  • Concord, NH – Concord Hospital
  • Manchester, NH – Medical Careers Direct, Examone, Quest Diagnostics, Catholic Medical Center
  • Peterborough, NH – Monadnock Community Hospital
  • Keene, NH – Hooper Holmes
  • Portsmouth, NH – Swedish Medical Center, HCA Healthcare

Phlebotomy License and Certification in New Hampshire

If you want to become a phlebotomist in New Hampshire, then you must complete a certificate or degree program.  This program last for 16 weeks to a year. You must be good in written and spoken English and you need to finish at least 120 hours of internship. The American Society for Clinical Pathology will be administering the certification exam that you must take and pass in order for you to obtain certification and license. The National Healthcare Associate may also administer certification processes. Having certification will give you a big advantage as you look for jobs as phlebotomists in New Hampshire.

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