Phlebotomy Training in Virginia

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Looking for information regarding Phlebotomy training in Virginia? You’re in luck! This article will aid you in taking the next steps to earning thousands a month as a phlebotomist!

The state of Virginia does not require certification. But landing a job without a certification is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. That’s why included in this article is information on meeting the phlebotomist education requirements as well as the phlebotomist certification requirements.

Why is it Necessary to Undergo Complete Phlebotomy Training?

Phlebotomy refers to the process of drawing blood from a patient. The drawn blood is used for sampling or for collection. It sounds easy but the salary for a phlebotomist is very high. A phlebotomist earns thousands!

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To meet the phlebotomist job requirements, however, you have to go through Phlebotomy training. Advance Phlebotomy training will give you all the skills and knowledge you will need to become a successful phlebotomist.

Where can you Get Phlebotomy Training in Virginia?

  • National College-Salem
  • Miller-Motte Technical College
  • Norfolk State University
  • Herzing University (Online Phlebotomy School)
  • Washington County Adult Skill Center
  • Everest College-McLean
  • Heritage Institute
  • Everest College-Arlington
  • Northern Virginia Community College
  • Stratford University

To learn more about phlebotomy schools in Virginia and in other states, then it would be best to contact us. You can also contact us to obtain more information about other cities in Virginia that has phlebotomy schools such as Lexington, Colonial Heights, Covington, Waynesboro, Williamsburg, Winchester, Faurfax, and Buena Vista.



Where can you Get Phlebotomy Jobs in Virginia? What is the Average Salary?

The Average Salary of a Phlebotomist in Virginia

A phlebotomist in Virginia earns a lot. The average pay is $28,000 and the highest one may earn is $44,000. That’s a whole lot of money. You can expect the Phlebotomy practice in Virginia to be quite competitive because of these high rates. If you are to rise above the rest, you have to work hard. If you meet all your job requirements and utilize all of what you’ve learned during your Phlebotomy training, you could go far in the Virginian Phlebotomy world.

Top 5 Cities in Virginia to find Phlebotomy Careers

  • Richmond, VA - LabCorp, Kronos Optimal Health Company, CJW Medical Center, H.C.G.
  • Fredericksburg, VA - Mary Washington Healthcare
  • Roanoke, VA – Solstas Lab Partners, LabCorp, OLSA Resources, Inc., STAFFLOGIX Corporation, Kronos Optimal Health Company, Portamedic
  • Reston, VA - Reston Hospital Center, HCA, Kelly Healthcare Resources
  • Chesapeake, VA - LabCorp, Octaopharma Plasma, Inc.

Click here to find a complete list of Phlebotomy jobs in Virginia.


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Requirements to get into Phlebotomy Training

  • High school diploma or a GED.
  • Be at least eighteen (18) years old upon enrollment.
  • Genuine interest to learn Phlebotomy.
  • Application for admission.

What Phlebotomy Training will Include

When you get accepted, things get serious. You are literally training for your life as this training would determine whether you would make a good phlebotomist or not and whether you will be marketable to employers or not.

You will be exposed to classroom lectures and a ton of hands-on work. You would encounter lessons on the following: Explain how training will go.

  • Basic Anatomy.
  • Physiology.
  • Medical terminology.
  • CPR

You will also experience externships to increase your knowledge and get you used to your future working environment.

How long is Phlebotomy Training in VA?

Phlebotomy training programs can be as short as nine weeks and can last as long as two years (for undergraduates). Basically, the duration of your program would depend on what school you choose. Post-graduates may take Phlebotomy training courses that last for only a few days.

Phlebotomy Certification in VA

Refer to this post for more details.

In Virginia, taking and passing the phlebotomist certification exam isn’t required of you. However, doing so would greatly increase your chances of landing a job as a phlebotomist. It will be very hard to find an employer in VA willing to hire a phlebotomist aspirant who isn’t certified.

Don’t waste all those hour you spent on your phlebotomist training. The very purpose of your training was to land a job. Ensure that you are able to do so by taking the phlebotomist certification test and get your phlebotomist license!

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