Phlebotomy Training in Wyoming

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If you want to become a Phlebotomist in Wyoming, then you are reading the right article. If you want to know more about phlebotomy, especially about the programs, schools, certifications, license, jobs, and salary, then you must continue reading this article. By enrolling in a phlebotomy programs in one of the schools in Wyoming, you will learn about syringe techniques, finger sticks, venipuncture, blood collection and many more. There are a lot of schools in Wyoming that offers phlebotomy programs, some of these schools are vocational, accredited colleges, and some even offer night classes.

Phlebotomy Schools in Wyoming

You can contact us to learn more about the schools in Wyoming and in other states. The schools in Wyoming will give you the skills and the knowledge needed to become an efficient phlebotomist. In these schools, you will also be able to obtain work experience. These schools will also help you land on a job in one of the best hospitals and health care facilities in the state.
  • Casper College – 125 College Drive Casper, WY 82601
  • Institute of Business and Medical Careers – 1854 Dell Range Boulevard Cheyenne, WY 82009
  • Western Wyoming Community College – 2500 College Drive Rock Springs, WY 82901

Contact us for more information about phlebotomy schools in Wyoming, Drive Casper, Cheyenne, Rock Springs, and other cities.

Phlebotomy Jobs in Wyoming

If you have certification and license, you will easily get a job as a phlebotomist in Wyoming even though certification is not required in this state. The American Society for Clinical Pathology states that job opportunities for phlebotomy in the state of Wyoming is increasing. There are hundreds of job opening for phlebotomist in Wyoming. You can land a job in one of the hospitals and health care facilities in the state, but having a job in a private clinic will give you a higher salary compared to others.
  • Casper, WY – LabCorp,
  • Jackson, WY – St. John’s Medical Center
  • Cheyenne, WY – Cheyenne Regional Medical Center, Baxter

Phlebotomy Salary in Wyoming

The salary for phlebotomists in Wyoming is 12% higher compared to other states at around $33,000.

Phlebotomy Certification and License in Wyoming

Phlebotomy Certification is not a requirement in this state. However, employers would prefer phlebotomists who are certified and licensed. You must take and pass the required exam to get your certification and you license. You must finish the required courses in the school where you took you phlebotomy program. You must also finish a minimum of 100 hours training under the supervision of a health care professional to take the exam. The organization that administered the exam will give you the proof of your certification and license.
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    The salary for phlebotomists in Wyoming is 12% higher compared to other states at around $33,000. so now you can join here.

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