Phlebotomy Training- What is Involved

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Phlebotomy training is concerned with removing blood from a patient’s vein for diagnosis or donation. Phlebotomists will basically find employment in blood donation centers, research institutions and hospital laboratories. In a hospital setting a phlebotomist will perform the phlebotomy work together with health care function of the hospital that’s why phlebotomists are also trained in other aspects of the medical work.

The phlebotomy program takes three to twelve months and this will include the clinical aspect of the work. The students go through the five areas of learning before becoming a certified phlebotomist and they include keeping of records, medical safety, human anatomy, and needle technology and patients rapport. These areas of study are necessary for students to get the skills for safety and calm of the patient and at the same time ensuring truth of the collected specimen.

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The equipments that will be used in the day to day work of the phlebotomists are also learnt during the training program for example syringes, waste containers, spill kits, vacuum tubes, tourniquets and medical tubes. Hands-on experience is also learnt during the program and students can learn the practical aspect of doing the phlebotomy work.

Before being eligible for a certificate exam, most states require students to be through with a given amount of venipuncture procedures. Venipuncture involves correct extraction, labeling and storage of the collected specimen. Various states will require successful completion of the venipuncture procedures with California requiring fifty five successful procedure while Louisiana a hundred procedures.

For you to be employed legally most of the states will require you to have passed the certification exam this is to mean that even after you have completed the formal training and the required amount of venipuntures you will have to go take the national exam and pass. Before booking for the exam there is need to check with you instructor to find the kind of exam you need for the state you reside.

After successfully passing the certification exam you can now be legally employed but for the first few weeks you will work under supervision for guidance in case you face problems. Hospitals are so far the lead employers for phlebotomists and they pay better compared to other institutions. Some hospitals offer training to phlebotomists by paying for the program but you will have to sign a contract to work with the hospital for a specified period of time.


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