Private Phlebotomist Contractor

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Phlebotomists are also known as qualified laboratory technicians; their major duty includes blood collection from patients. As most phlebotomist may be hired by hospitals, others could be working in either laboratory, new settings or they may decide to be private phlebotomist contractors. Due to the increasing phlebotomy service demand, many phlebotomists are choosing to offer their services separately, so as to have a chance to gather more financial return. The following details can be used to plan academic and career paths for anyone interested to become a private phlebotomist contractor:

For one to become a phlebotomist, one needs to obtain certification from a qualified institute. Qualification is basic for carrying out phlebotomy in many medical care centers and laboratories. The extent of teaching curriculum depends on the state and it is between 18 to 24 months. With more experience and credits, you can earn higher income. A private phlebotomist contractor is obligated to have certification from appropriate organisation, for instance the American Society of Clinical Pathologists. For a successful phlebotomist, you need the knowledge of locating veins and puncture spots and the appropriate ways to remove blood.

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The responsibilities of a private contractor vary as per the clients’ needs. Though collection of blood is the main duty, it also involves blood transportation to laboratory or a medical facility. In case of a larger number, there is need to engage other phlebotomists to help. You have to ensure you are in a position to offer an absolute array of phlebotomist services, comprising blood transportation.

In accordance to the 2010 Wage Survey of Clinical Laboratories carried out by The American Society for Pathology, qualified personnel level phlebotomists get an approximate annual income of $28 080, whilst their supervisors earn $41,766 per annum. Phlebotomist’s earnings depend on many factors like location, qualification and experience. Phlebotomists working in California earn an average hourly income of $23.36; those in Ohio make $12.10 in one hour. Private phlebotomist contractor earns an average income of $41,766 per annum in most states in United States of America. However, if a phlebotomist has higher qualifications, more skills, high-quality management skills and useful strategies for cutting cost, he will earn more income. In case of an increase in demand of phlebotomy services, a phlebotomist enjoys higher earnings.

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