Qualifications for phlebotomy training

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To enroll in a phlebotomy college you must have completed you high school education, for those who don’t have a high school diploma a GED will be acceptable. The candidate should be not less than eighteen years and it is only after completion of the formal training program that you will be allowed to take the state licensing exams.

Depending on the type of lessons the school fees will vary from $550 to $1000, the kind of specialization, and what the program will offer are some of the factors that will affect the amount of fees you will pay. A fee of between $200 and $300 may be required once in a while to cover expenses like textbooks, disposal of hazardous waste and laboratory expenses.

A candidate aspiring to become a phlebotomist should join clinical classes lasting between forty to eighty hours or even more and this full program will take from six to seven weeks, this involves classroom lab work and personal instructions taking forty and twenty five hour respectively.

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Certification is only required in three states in the United States; Louisiana, Nevada and California and that’s why before getting certified it is important to check with your states licensing body to know the certification that suits you. Certified phlebotomists are always preferred when it comes to employment opportunities and they will always be taken first.

The job description of phlebotomist is to follow the doctor’s order to draw patient’s blood although they are still concerned with medical laboratory and administration work, they should ensure they draw the patient’s blood with least discomfort and without causing injury. Phlebotomists should calm patients who are scared of the procedure to ensure they are comfortable before undertaking the procedure.

Hygiene and safety is also the work of the phlebotomists, they should make sure the needles are clean and sterile before use and all the equipment are well kept in stock. The specimen should be well collected, labeled for correct results and keeping of the records. The salaries of phlebotomists will differ depending on the working hours, level of experience, education level and the state but the minimum is usually between $30000 and $39000 per annum. Technicians are mostly paid on hourly basis and this will depend on where you are working, private clinics will pay more compared to hospitals. Vacancies are always advertised online as well as local newspapers although liaising with hospitals, research centers and private clinics can be a great way of knowing the vacancies which come up.

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