Factors that affect Phlebotomist Salary

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A lot of people are hesitant about taking up phlebotomy courses because they think that the salary for a phlebotomist is quite low. However, it might be interesting to note the fact that with the amount of money and time that is needed to become a certified phlebotomist, it is considered as a lucrative option for a career.

Normally, salary for a phlebotomist changes as one’s experience increases in the scope of phlebotomy. For training, one can enroll in a vocational school, community college, or join in a certain part time program for phlebotomy. In these courses, students will be taught various methods in drawing blood, first aid techniques, and anatomy and physiology.

Generally, concepts in cardiopulmonary resuscitation are also taught in phlebotomy training programs because several employers require their workers to be mindful of them. Once you have complied with these qualifications, the starting salary for a phlebotomist is approximately $10 every hour and it can increase to about $15 in just five years.

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Factors on which Phlebotomist Salary is based:

The salary for a phlebotomist may sometimes vary depending on one’s location. For workers in private practices and small facilities, they usually have lesser earnings than the individuals who work at hospitals with large bed capacities.

Working as a travelling phlebotomist entails collecting samples from different places and then later delivering them to the laboratory where you are employed at. This type of job offers a higher income. The reason for this is that you can extend your working hours up to 60 hours in a week. The average salary of a traveling phlebotomist is $10 to $15 an hour, but one can add a distinguished amount to his or her annual income by going on overtime work.

With just some years of experience being a phlebotomist, one can easily be comfortable in collecting blood from patients and performing procedures in the laboratory. This will pave the way for an associate degree and later on permit you to be employed as a laboratory technician. With this kind of job, one can be paid between $18 to $20 every hour.

Phlebotomy is considered as a productive option for a career in the healthcare filed, and it offers an excellent salary. This kind of job may not only be fun, it is also challenging and it entails a large amount of responsibility since patient’s lives are at hand. If not taken as a celebrated career option, it may be a stepping stone to other better opportunities that involve the field of medicine.

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    This article makes a key point. While the salary for a Phlebotomist is not high by some standards, it is quite excellent for the training needed for the job.

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    is the healthcare and medical industry?This article makes a key point.

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