Phlebotomist Salary and how it vary?

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Similar to any career, the salary of a phlebotomist is dependent on experience. After passing the certification exam for phlebotomy, a lot of people mistakenly affirm that they are already entitled to doing all the responsibilities given to a phlebotomist. However, a lot of clinics and hospitals put newly licensed phlebotomists in a probationary period so that they will have ample time to apply all of their skills in actual situations. There are even a few hospitals that give out training payment for new phlebotomists.

How much is the salary of a Phlebotomist on average?

According to the standards set by the American Society of Clinical Pathologists, a phlebotomist must be paid around $13 every hour. This is computed from the average statistics which state that the median salary annually of phlebotomists should be $27,040. Prior to taxes, this simply means that a licensed phlebotomist will make approximately $530 every week. However, there may be several factors that can affect a phlebotomist’s salary.

What is experience-based income?

A lot of hospitals base the salary of a phlebotomist on their experience. Many phlebotomists are wondering how much they would be making after they have been certified. According to various statistics that have been gathered from many phlebotomists in the United States, phlebotomists with at least 1 year of experience must make $25,000 annually. For a work week that has 40 hours, this will equate to a wage of $480 in a week or $12 an hour. If a phlebotomist has 2-4 years experience, the annual salary will jump to $26,000. For 5-9 years experience as a phlebotomist, the average income annually is $28,500. If a phlebotomist already has 10-19 years experience in the field, then the average income can be up to $31,243. For those who have more than twenty years, he or she can make $32,500 in a year.

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What is location-based income?

The city or state where one works will greatly affect the annual salary of a phlebotomist. When taken in average, the median salary for phlebotomists is presently biggest in the state of New York, amounting to about $35,000. However, in the city of New York, the average salary for a phlebotomist may be significantly lower, approximately being $32,407 only. As one can see, location can have a significant impact on how much a phlebotomist is going to be paid. If you want a gratifying career in phlebotomy, it is best if you base your practice in a state that provides licensed phlebotomists with high income.


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    As someone who has been a phlebotomist for awhile, I can tell you this article is spot on. There is a wide range of salaries for a Phlebotomist. The good news is that you can become a phlebotomist fairly quickly and earn decent money. As your skills and time on the job progress, so will your pay.

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    after your certification exam you get a license……

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    who has been a phlebotomist for awhile, I can tell you this article is spot on.like us so no far with us

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