Selecting a suitable phlebotomy program

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Recently a career in phlebotomy has become well rewarding and reputable with the increasing demand of phlebotomists day after day.  High school graduates looking for a career in the medical field should consider phlebotomy keeping in mind that it takes a shorter time to train and it is less costly.

Phlebotomy is basically the process of removing blood from a patient’s vein to use it for diagnosis of various diseases and illnesses. This process is performed by a trained professional called a phlebotomist; the work of a phlebotomist can vary from collecting blood for donation, research and also diagnosis.

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Before becoming a phlebotomist proper training is necessary and this is made possible by enrolling in a recognized institution of learning. Several institutions and colleges are recognized by the American society of phlebotomy technicians and these may be the best places to train.

Originally phlebotomists only used to study the basics of drawing blood but this has changed over time and many other topics of study have been incorporated in the phlebotomy program including human anatomy, circulation of blood and vein puncture. A combination of all these units will take two years which will involve the theoretic study of phlebotomy and the practical skills on the field.

It is crucial for a student s to get proper training which will result to good employment opportunities and well paying jobs. Aside from the theoretic skills learnt in class a phlebotomist should be an effective communicator, well behaved and physically fit.

Proper research should be done before enrolling in any institution;

To start with, the institution should be well reputable and recognized in the medical field and work in association with the various certification bodies like the American society for clinical pathologists, American society for phlebotomy technicians and the national phlebotomy certification.

The curriculum offered should be widely inclusive of every aspect not only the basic procedure of drawing blood, some of the units which are taught in addition include administrative work in phlebotomy, human anatomy and circulatory system. A school which offers these additional units is more preferred than that which will teach you the basic drawing of blood.

The cost of school fees should also be considered because some colleges may offer higher fees while maintaining the same level of quality or less, a higher school fees does not always mean the best quality of education. It is always wise to find a school with reasonable school fees.

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