Significance of Phlebotomist qualifications

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For any person planning to enter phlebotomy field must understand the importance of being a certified phlebotomist as the employer requires it. The potential boss makes sure that you have the obtained the essential phlebotomy training and you posses the right credentials.

Passing the National Phlebotomist Certification Examination is a guarantee to a better salary; those who passed are making decent salaries in phlebotomy jobs. The exam equips the student with skills that improves his understanding in this discipline. They give him the experience to do an acceptable job and handle any arising issue in this field.

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Phlebotomy training varies in duration depending on the training institute, in United States’ institutes it mostly takes around 8 to 12 months. The course work uses models, presentations, experiments, group work, assignments and practical to enhance understanding. Two years after training the student gets his degree, by this time he is well equipped with phlebotomy knowledge. Phlebotomy course work includes other medical area like human anatomy and lab administration. Certification for one to perform as a phlebotomist is a necessity in states like Florida and Louisiana.

For those who are going to work in any health center like research centers, hospitals and insurance companies or at private clinics, certification is mandatory before you are hired. To be qualified one must consider the specific requirements for the state you want to work in as each state has its own terms. California for example, requires a phlebotomist to pursue phlebotomy technician 1 and on top add phlebotomy technician 2 to be qualified.

Many courses require a mixture of tutorial lectures and practical experiments. Phlebotomy practical prepares a student with the ability to work in a lab setting and get the real working knowledge. Consider where to take your course from either online or from a formal classroom and the institute to certify you before applying for phlebotomy certification. Organizations that offer phlebotomy certification include:

American Society of Phlebotomy Technician (ASPT)

National Phlebotomy Certification

American Society for Clinical Pathologists (ASCP)

During course work, one can get the revision materials online. On course completion, one sits for the phlebotomy Certification exams. The student now has skills in location of veins and blood drawing. Phlebotomy Certification Exams is done as any other exam paper or online. When using a computer there is, software called CAT that allows selection of the next question that based on the past answers.


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