Top Seven reasons to become a Phlebotomist

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Healthcare is the best industry when it comes to earning potential as well as a recession proof career. So, if one wants to get into healthcare, but still not sure it’s a good idea to become a phlebotomist first. After one really likes it, further education may be continued to become a nurse or a doctor. The reasons to become a phlebotomist are plenty. So, let’s see 7 more great reasons to become a Phlebotomist:

Recession proof:As a matter of fact, healthcare is the most stable industry. It is very unlikely that people won’t get sick and won’t need to go to a healthcare facility. So, to become a phlebotomist is to have a recession proof career.

Short term training: The training to become a Phlebotomist is not too long to start this career. The maximum duration for Phlebotomist training is two years but, there are some short programs from two to six months which includes on the job training as well.

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Minimal qualification required: When it comes to training for working with patients, the minimum qualification required is expected to be high, but this is not the case with Phlebotomist training. This training requires only a high school certificate to get started.

Nationally recognized: One great benefit to become a Phlebotomist is that its training is nationally recognized and one may get a job anywhere in the country without any worries and hassles.

Flexibility: A career as a Phlebotomist enables one with many options to work at different places as per one’s choice. So, a Phlebotomist can work at hospitals, blood banks, doctor’s clinic, and laboratories.

Part time job while pursuing a higher medical degree: It is a great idea to work part time as a Phlebotomist while pursuing a higher medical degree as it supports financially and imparts an important skill of healthcare profession as well.

Feels great: At the end of the day it gives you a job satisfaction. After all, you helped those numerous people whole day long and eventually it’s worth it.

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