Traveling Phlebotomist Jobs and its benefits

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An ordinary Phlebotomist is a typical hospital worker who is basically stationary when it comes to location. However, there is also an option of being a traveling Phlebotomist which means that you do not work in the traditional hospital setting. As a travelling phlebotomist you will be working outside of the hospital set up and you would get to travel most of the time which for some people is very ideal.


As a Traveling Phlebotomist you will be able to enjoy the following advantages:

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Flexibility: As a traveling Phlebotomist, you will be able to have a flexible schedule as you are the one who determines your schedule. You will easily be able to work on other things in your life.

Higher Salary- Traveling Phlebotomists generally have a higher salary than regular Phlebotomists.

Travel/More Experiences- As a traveling Phlebotomists-as the name suggest you will be doing a lot of traveling and that means doing house calls/house visits for those patients who are too sick to go to the hospital. This kind of set up is ideal for anyone who gets easily bored and wants to be on the move constantly.

Blood Drives- if you are interested in doing a little charity being a Traveling Phlebotomist will get you that opportunity to help since you will also be doing blood drives-travelling to get blood donations. Not only do you get to do an exciting job of transporting blood but you also get to do good and help those in need. Another good thing about being a traveling phlebotomist is that you meet a lot of different people and if you are a friendly person who loves to meet other people then this is definitely a plus side for you.

Differences from Hospital Phlebotomists

The big difference between Traveling Phlebotomists and Hospital Phlebotomist would of course, by the word itself- you will be traveling. When you are a traveling Phlebotomist, you would have the additional responsibility of labeling, tracking and transporting the blood you will be collecting. And since you are on the road you have to be careful and make sure that you are protecting the blood samples that you have with you.

You may need additional training/certification and knowledge when it comes to this aspect of the job but it certainly is exciting. If you like what you read then you should seriously consider becoming a traveling phlebotomist.

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