Venipuncture Procedure | How to do it?

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We should always aim the best in everything that we do and we should not be merely satisfied with being mediocre in your skills. That is why if you are a Phlebotomist mastering venipuncture technique should be your goal in order to become the best Phlebotomist that you can be and master the Venipuncture procedure.

How will you master the Venipuncture procedure ?

So now that you are already dedicated in mastering your craft in Phlebotomy. A simple internet search can do wonders and help you master in this field. There are so many venipuncture procedure videos online that you can watch. By watching these Phlebotomy procedure videos you get to watch different phlebotomists and their different techniques. You can learn a few tips here and there by watching and observing Phlebotomy procedure videos.

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Using the Butterfly needles

There are different kinds of needles that a Phlebotomist can choose to use depending on the situation. Phlebotomists should consider their patient when choosing what kind of needle to use. Part of mastering the Venipuncture procedure is knowing what kind of needle to use with what patient.

As a master of Phlebotomy you should be aware of the butterfly venipucture procedure. The butterfly venipunture procedure is using the butterfly needle in the drawing of blood. In order to use the wing-tipped butterly needles you would need to be familiar with the needles as well as have lots of practice or mastery of the butterfly venipucture procedure in order to be able

Venipuncture Procedure

to correctly insert the needle and also to be able to stabilize the collecting of blood.

What is a Venipuncture Procedure code?

Part of mastering Phlebotomy is being aware of the Venipuncture procedure code.  The Venipucture procedure code is a kind of CPT-Current Procedural Terminology. This is a series of numbers or codes that are given to a specific procedure.  The medical practicioner who conducted the procedure may give it to a patient who in turn will give it to his health care provider and this will be used to determine the amount which will be reimbursed to the practioner.

For Billing routine venipuncture, phlebotomist will use code 36415 as Venipuncture procedure code. For venipuctures that necessitates the physician’s skill, they will use the code 36410. There are many other ways to master Venipuncture , which you must continue on achieving those techniques to become the best Phlebotomist  that you can be and an inevitable master the art of Phlebotomy.

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