Why Phlebotomy is a Developing Profession.

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One may not be familiar with the word ‘phlebotomy’ but most likely they are already aware of what phlebotomists do. If a blood sample has ever taken from you, then you have ever dealt with a phlebotomist. These are highly skilled and qualified medical specialist who retrieves blood and other body fluid samples from patients and pediatric.

Phlebotomy is a very important section of the present world’s mega-modern and huge health industry, and these technicians have numerous specialized know-how. The must put in plain words the process to the people they want to draw blood from. They should also check the person’s respiration pace, heartbeat, and the blood pressure. After taking the samples of blood the phlebotomist is needed to mark the tubes used for collection and them in order before taking them in laboratory for examination. The patient’s details should be made up to date.


Most people are squeamish about being drawn blood. They fear needles and they do not like having a sight of their own blood.  That is why we need a proficiently skilled phlebotomist to make a difference. Doing phlebotomy work does not only involve laboratory job but it also involves having persuasive skills to set the patients mind at rest and get them free from anxiety.

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Rules for phlebotomy training vary from country to country.  Normally, these technicians take the formal phlebotomy education course which takes a maximum of one year. In some countries they need laboratory workforce to be certified and registered. For one to be certified they need to have a bachelors degree and have passed the test. They need to be supervised by a head phlebotomy.

There are competitive salaries for the technicians. For example, the average yearly pay is around $24,350 in America. A phlebotomist who is in charge of supervising the other employees earns a yearly pay of approximately $35000.getting additional skills in the field can make one qualify as a lab supervisor or get promoted to administrative positions.

According to statistics in the present decade the growth of job in the medicine field has become more rapid than for other professions. Opportunities for new jobs are anticipated to be perfect because the number of jobs available is exceeding the number of people seeking for jobs.

The overall count of lab examinations continues to go up due to growth of new kinds of analysis and continuous population growth. Suppose you are seeking for an active career that reveals real development capability then phlebotomy is just superb for you!


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