Your Understanding of phlebotomy Broadened

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In Greek, phlebotomy means to incise a vein. It is the procedure of removing blood from a patient for purposes of testing, analysis and blood transfusion. The blood samples are tested for disease diagnosis.

An individual who is professionally certified to perform phlebotomy is known as phlebotomist. Phlebotomists are taught to extract blood from human beings and in some cases from animals for purposes of transfusions, tests, donations and research.

Phlebotomists are needed to register in the US while in other countries to be certified. The Agencies that register or certify phlebotomists have the responsibilities of coming up with policies and offering certification examinations to phlebotomy students.

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An individual who is interested in becoming authorized phlebotomist is required to undergo phlebotomy training in any accessible community school or college that offers such trainings. Phlebotomy training program normally takes three weeks to six months and this depends on the program the student would like to take and the state’s requirement where the individual is taking the course from.


Fields the learner will be trained when he or she enrolls in a class of phlebotomy includes; vein location, human anatomy, human physiology, arterial puncturing, puncturing spots and administering secure punctures. Below are some of the topics taught:

v  Validity on blood collection

v  Cardiopulmonary recovery

v  Interaction with patients

v  Techniques of collecting blood

v  Clinical customs of phlebotomy


There are requirements that a person who want to be trained as phlebotomist has to meet. Some of these requirements are listed below;

v  Be of eighteen years and above

v  You should have gone through GED or completed high school

v  Bodily fitness-be free from infections since you closely interact with patients. This calls for you to be healthy so that you can avoid getting or transmitting infections.

v  Health cover-this health insurance is supposed to cover both injuries and accidents. You cannot be assured that you will not come across harm or accidents in the course of carrying out phlebotomy so it is advisable to buy a health insurance policy.

v  Mental wellbeing-besides being fit physically, you should be fit mentally. Doctors will analyze and evaluate you to check whether you suit in this course of phlebotomy.


Phlebotomy is a satisfying profession but also training is needed because it is an allied health care profession. It is even more satisfying when the phlebotomist knows that he or she is directly helping in taking care of people’s health.  An individual is assured to have unwavering career even when the economic conditions are bad.



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